Plots of land in Lithuania

Plot of land near lake and river is on sale

Real estate is in district Trakaj

  • Disctanse from Vilnius                     –   45km
  • The area of a plot                           –   80.000m² (8Ha)
  • Nearest settlement (Semeliškes)   –   1,5km
  • An access road                               –   Asphalt
  • The Price of real estate                  –   1.100.000€

    Possible corporate cooperation


    The plot is located between the river and the lake adjoining on two parallels to a plot. In the middle of a plot there is a pond which incorporates to the river on the one hand and with lake on the other part of a plot. Also the river incorporates to several lakes.
    It is possible to equip a site for camping place or for bungalows. Also possible to divide it into many plots, (with a separate flowing pond on each plot), for private using.