Property in Lithuania

2 plots of land near lake in Lithuania are on SALE

Real estate is in district Ignalina

  • Disctanse from Vilnius                 –   130km
  • The area of plots                         –   40.000m² (4Ha)+  60.000m² (6Ha)
  • Nearest settlement (Visaginas)   –   3km
  • An access road                            –   Asphalt
  • The Price of real estate               –   950.000€

  • Possible corporate cooperation


    the plot of 4Ha, is located on a coast of lake, has 4 constructions, an orchard. This plot ideally can be used as a SPA Hotel, camping place, bungalows, etc. The plot with the area of 6Ha, adjoins to small lake, has a pond and a wood grove. This plot ideally is suited for: a golf field, horse riding, camping, bungalows and etc. The distance between those two plots is about 50 meters.